The creative process – What’s unique about my pet portraits?

In this short excerpt of an Instagram ‘Live’, with social media expert @sociallysophieb, we discuss my creative process and what makes my drawings unique.

image of Anthea creating a drawing
Anthea in conversation with Sophie Bradley

We talk about how I start by having a conversation with the pet owner. How I get to know the animal and discuss the quirky little details of the pet. Together, we then decide on a suitable high resolution photograph of the animal.

From there I think about the right choice of the paper and pencils that will enhance the piece.

I then play with the base colour of the paper; I experiment with the type of pencils that will accentuate the details of the drawing.

Having worked on some initial sketches from the original photograph; the next part of the creative process is to produce a free flowing sketch of the animal that brings out their character.

Click here to watch a longer version of the interview.

For examples of my work head over to the gallery

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